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Original Sensible Seeds

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake – Original Sensible Seeds

When it comes to high-quality varieties, Wedding Cake is definitely in the top league. This delicious combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie was created by Original Sensible Seeds and is known for its strong impact and distinctive flavour.

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant variety that thrives both indoors and outdoors. It has a short flowering period of only 8 weeks, but that does not stop this variety from producing bountiful harvests. The buds are dense and surrounded by a large number of trichomes, which release a sweet, earthy aroma with spicy notes and hints of vanilla. The flavour is also accentuated by peppery and spicy notes, making it a truly enjoyable experience.

The THC content of this variety can reach up to 25%, making it very potent. The effect starts with energetic and euphoric notes, then moves on to complete relaxation. Many consumers have reported that Wedding Cake has helped them relieve depression, chronic pain, inflammation and everyday stress. However, when taken in large doses, it can cause intense relaxation, so dosing should be started in moderation.

In its flavour profile, Wedding Cake combines tangy, sweet, earthy and peppery notes. Its complex flavour and aroma make it very popular with those who appreciate deep aromatic experiences.

Finally, Wedding Cake is not only a pleasurable experience for the taste buds, but also an effective remedy for many ailments. It is a true testament to Original Sensible Seeds' commitment to quality and innovation.

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