Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your brick & mortar stores located? Until what time are you open?

You can find the locations and opening hours of the stores on the Stores and opening hours page.

What payment methods are available in the brick & mortar stores?

Currently, our stores accept payments in cash, card payments (Visa and MasterCard) and crypto payments (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum).

How can I pay with crypto in the store?

You can pay with cryptocurrencies in our store by scanning the QR code of our crypto payment broker and making a transfer with your chosen currency and wallet application on your own mobile device.

When paying with cryptocurrencies, allow approx. 15 minutes to confirm the payment. Please note that the exchange rate of our crypto payment broker is not necessarily real-time and may differ from the latest exchange rate. Payment is always made based on the exchange rate of our payment broker. We pay the costs of our own broker, but you must pay any other costs yourself.

Can I make purchases directly at the store directly or do I have to reserve the products in advance from the online store?

You can purchase products directly in the store. You do not need to make a reservation for products via the online store in advance. However, please note that we reserve products only for pre-paid orders.

Is the stock availability indicated on the product pages correct?

Mainly yes. Therefore you can check product availability easily and quickly on the product page. Of course, there may occasionally be slight errors in inventory balances. We check stock balances regularly, so the vast majority of availability information is up-to-date!

If you want to confirm product availability, you can call the store and inquire directly. Unfortunately, the availability of the products cannot be confirmed via the chat and email customer service, as the customer service representative sees the same information that is displayed on the product pages.


Which payment methods are accepted in the online store?

At the moment, you can only pay by bank transfer in the online store. Unfortunately, due to card payment problems, card payments are temporarily unavailable in the online store. If the information on this page is outdated, you can see the current payment methods on the checkout page.

We are exploring the possibilities of continuing to accept card and crypto payments.

How quickly will I receive my order?

We usually process payments every business day and ship the order within 1-3 business days of receiving payment. Currently, the main shipping days are Tuesdays and Fridays.

Depending on the delivery method you choose, the shipment usually arrives within 1 to 14 business days after it has left our warehouse depending on your country of residence.

Therefore, the delivery time from the moment of placing the order is approx. 2 to 17 business days. On average, orders are delivered within 4 business days of placing the order.

Products are usually available immediately, but sometimes the stock situation may vary. If the product you ordered is not immediately available, we will first check its availability for about a week. If it is not possible to deliver the product, we will contact you to arrange a replacement product.

Please note that the delivery times we indicate are estimates, and factors such as seasonal times and insurmountable obstacles may affect delivery times.

Are the products sent from your own warehouse or do you use dropshipping?

All orders are sent from Finland from our own warehouse. We never dropship.

Can I order products from abroad? Which countries do you deliver to? Is it safe to order abroad? Can the package get stuck in customs?

We can send products to all EU countries. Within the EU, the the principle of free movement of goods ensures that products legally sold in one member state can be freely bought in all member states.

Shipments between EU member states do not need to be cleared in customs. Ordering is safe, all the packages we've sent so far have reached their destination without any problems.

Unfortunately, as a general rule, we cannot send products to countries outside the EU, as it requires a separate export permit. However, we can discuss larger batches, please send us a message on the subject.

How to pay by bank transfer?

With your order, you will receive instructions for making a bank transfer. The account transfer is done in your own online bank.

My online bank won't let me make a bank transfer, what should I do?

Our account is registered in Germany, so make sure you have allowed Germany in the list of foreign payments in your online bank. If your bank requires the recipient's address, use the information provided in the payment instructions.

Do I need to attach any information to the account transfer? How do you know which order the payment applies to?

Enter your order number in the account transfer message field. The order number has a # sign and five digits. If your bank doesn't accept the # sign, just enter the numbers.

If you forgot to enter the order number in the message field or accidentally entered the payment reference shown after the checkout, we will try to match the payment based on your name. If the recipient of the order is different from the payer and you forgot to include the order number in the message field, send us a message so we know which order to match your payment to.


I want to cancel the order, how do I do it?

If the order has not yet been paid for, you may not need to do anything. We cancel unpaid orders one week after placing the order.

If you have already paid for the order, but it has not been sent yet, send us a message stating your account number. Without an account number, we cannot refund the payment. You should send the message well in advance, because the person reading the messages is not necessarily the same as the packager of the orders.

If the order has already been shipped, you must notify us by message within 14 days of receiving the package and return the order to receive a refund. The return can be made by mail or directly in the store. Advance notice of the return is necessary. An undelivered package is not sufficient for a return notification.

You can also make a return request via our website, if you have registered a customer account when placing the order. Once we have accepted your return request, you will receive return instructions by email.

When I try to order products, I get an error message at checkout "the order cannot be delivered to the address you provided". What is causing this?

Currently, the products in stock at the Helsinki store cannot be ordered directly by mail. If you want to order products by mail, make sure that the product is available in the main warehouse of the online store or in the store in Turku.

If necessary, we can move the product from the Helsinki store to the online store's warehouse. Send us a message telling us the product, quantity and possible product variation (package size, color, etc.) and we will make the transfer on weekdays within a few hours.



My vaporizer is not working, what do I do?

First, read the troubleshooting section of the vaporizer's user manual and make sure that it is a feature of the device, e.g. travel lock or power saving mode, that has been switched on. Usually, the user manual also contains possible error codes that help in troubleshooting the problem.

The vaporizer should be maintained and cleaned regularly. It is good to keep the herb chamber, air channel and mouthpiece clean. In this way, the vaporizer remains functional for longer. Sometimes the fault can be fixed by cleaning.

If you're in Finland, you can bring the malfunctioning device to our store for evaluation. Our store staff examines the device and assesses whether it is a defect covered by the warranty. If you can't make it to the store, please send us a message with as accurate a description of the fault as possible and preferably pictures and/or videos of the fault.

Which vaporizer is the best? How do I know if a certain model is right for me?

It's impossible to say which one is the best, as this varies by person and the available budget. When choosing a vaporizer, you should think about how and where you're going to use the vaporizer and what you want to vaporize with it.

A desktop vaporizer is a good choice for home use, while a portable vaporizer offers more possibilities in terms of location. Some of the models are suitable for vaporizing dry herb, some are meant for concentrates, and some work for both. Different models may also include different accessories such as water filter adapters or potpourri bowls.

When choosing a vaporizer, you should therefore determine your own budget and then make a choice based on the features you want. If you need help choosing, send us a message or come visit the store and we will gladly help you find a model that suits your needs.



Is it legal to order seeds? What if I live abroad and my country of residence has banned the seeds?

Free movement of goods is guaranteed in intra-EU trade. A member state cannot, in principle, prohibit the ordering of goods legally produced in another member state from another member state. The seeds are also not prohibited by any international agreement. They are therefore completely legal and it is permissible to order them both within Finland and in another EU country. In addition, all the seed packets we sell are sold as collectors' items.