Terminology for seeds

Not sure what a word related to seeds means? On this page you will find explanations for most terms related to seeds.


Autoflower refers to a characteristic of a plant that causes it to flower regardless of the light cycle.

Feminization, feminized

Feminisation refers to the process of pollinating a mother plant with the pollen of a chemically treated female plant. The offspring are generally females. Seeds produced in this way are called feminised.


Genetics refers to the genetic material contained in a plant. The genetics of a plant tells us what characteristics it has inherited from its parents.


Chemotype refers to the chemical composition of the variety, in particular the ratio of cannabinoids it contains.

Regular, regu

Regular seed refers most commonly to seed that has not been feminised. Regular seeds are approximately 50/50 female to male.

Family line

The line of descent, or line of crossing, indicates from which strains the variety has been crossed.

Light period, light cycle

The photoperiod refers to the characteristic of a plant that causes it to flower when the continuous light it receives falls below a certain number of hours.