Important information for buyers

Collecting seeds is a fun hobby for anyone interested in plants and the science behind them. You can build collections around certain themes or lineages while simultaneously taking part in the important work of preserving the genetic diversity of plants. A well compiled and kept collection can increase in value over time. You'll find a wide variety of collectible products in our selection, for beginners and experienced collectors alike.

Please note that all seeds on our site are sold as collectibles or souvenirs only. Seeds of Love does not take accountability for any local laws prohibiting the possession of hemp seeds. Always follow any local laws and regulations when shopping with us.

Our seeds do not have a germination guarantee.

That being said, we always take good care of our seed stocks and keep them in optimal temperature and humidity that is carefully maintained and monitored. We understand that germinative capacity is important for the value of your collection which is why we do our best to maintain it. However, plants are living organisms and not all seeds are able to germinate. This is a natural part of the plant's life cycle.

If well kept, seeds can hold their germinative capacity for years. It is best to keep them in a cool, dark and dry place in an airtight container in unopened packages. Please note that opening the packages can predispose the seeds to pathogens.

All orders are shipped out in plain discreet packaging within the European Union, meaning that they should normally not go through any customs inspections. Our shop name is not mentioned anywhere on the package.