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TightVac vacuum jar

TightVac vacuum jar

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TightVac vacuum jar – TightVac

TightVac is a patented, vacuum-sealed storage jar that ensures your herbs will keep up to three times longer than in conventional containers. Easy to close and sold worldwide, TightVac jars offer solutions to everyday storage problems - from maximising cupboard space to preserving freshness.

TightVac jars are air- and odour-tight and water-resistant. They keep herbs at their best, protected from light and at cool temperatures. The black surface prevents light from entering the container, so herbs stay fresh.

Designed specifically for herb storage, the original TightVac is the best choice for storing your herbs. Add your herbs and close the lid, press the button to pull the air out. Herbs will stay fresh and no odours will escape from the MiniVac. To open the lid, press the button again.

Thanks to its innovative design, the TightVac is very strong, completely airtight and waterproof. Organise your home, keep your herbs fresh and take advantage of the TightVac's versatility when travelling and storing larger batches.

See also the pocket-sized PocketVac for small storage.

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