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Royal Queen Seeds

Northern Light

Northern Light

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Northern Light – Royal Queen Seeds

Northern Lights is a classic that originated in Seattle in the 1980s and spread from there to the Netherlands. This cannabis strain, descended from an Afghani variety, is one of the most famous strains of all time and is often regarded as an example of indica lines. Royal Queen Seeds has done an excellent job in bringing a feminised version of this popular strain to the market.

The exact genetic make-up of Northern Lights is a secret, but it is known to be made up of over a dozen different indica varieties from Afghanistan and Thailand. Legend has it that Northern Lights was originally an exclusively Afghan indica variety, but some of the original eleven plants are said to have contained Thai genes. Today, the feminised Northern Light from Royal Queen Seeds is still an indica-dominant hybrid, but with a lot of sativa influence in its foliage.

Northern Light has a high THC content, and its smoke is said to produce a powerful and long-lasting pain relief that relieves stresses experienced during the day and leaves the user feeling relaxed. The Afghan heritage is clearly evident in the smoke, and those looking for strong pain relief need look no further than this beautiful strain.

In terms of flavour profile, Northern Light offers a delicious blend of sweetness and spiciness. Its effects are strong and long-lasting, ensuring a relaxing experience for the minutes that follow. Northern Light's versatility and effects have made it one of the most prized classics in cannabis history.

Northern Light is a Feminized variety with Photoperiodic photoperiod.. Its producer is Royal Queen Seeds. This variety is chemotyped Type I (THC-dominant).

Northern Light S1

More information about product features

Brand: Royal Queen Seeds
Sex: Feminized
Photoperiod: Photoperiodic
Genotype: Indica
Chemotype: Type I (THC-dominant)
Lineage: Northern Lights and Afghan

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